Our middleware (MW) controls the data distribution

Amazon, Google-Shopping, Otto and ebay – plus an own online shop, of course with B2C and B2B channels. The possibilities of the world wide web are inexhaustible – if the data and the processes are correct. We create these processes with our middleware. NAV interface, SAP API or industry ERP – how do we get the relevant and current data automatically to the right place at the right time?

Our deltaPIM takes care of the product data. But especially for the B2B area, the current customer status, individual pricing and current inventory are becoming more and more important. But you also don’t want to develop, maintain and monitor your own interface with your ERP system for all online portals all the time.

Therefore we map your processes in our programming, play the orders back into your system via an interface, and load the platforms you have selected with your data and your conditions. The flexibility of the system is important to us. After all, nobody knows whether today’s players are the same as in a year. Or whether there will be completely different networking models in the future. Or whether the B2C shop will become a multi-store for a wide variety of target groups or not. All of this must be possible without losing the overview. It is clear that a system can only be good if it is well planned. Therefore, we start the process with the creation of a concept by reviewing the key interfaces and systems. In addition to the concept, we also work on a reliable estimate of the effort with which the implementation can start quickly and in an agile manner.

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