Data analysis and appropriate editing …

In initial consultations with decision-makers from medium-sized companies, we often seek out that the product data required for the implementation of digitalisation projects is not at its best. Then, in a first workshop, the data analysis is key – always in close cooperation with the employees involved in the company.

In most cases there is the basis product data in the ERP, images and data sheets are stored on another server, description texts in various formats are available on the computers of the product managers and technical data has been created by the responsible employee as an Excel list. We gain an overview, create scripts for automatically reading the data into the PIM and also have the option of performing manual data optimization. We are always in close contact with our customers – only with open communication the project can be successful.

Once the data has been transferred to the PIM, it is time to enrich it and then link it to the desired output channels. Here we also analyse the required data formats very precisely and provide the data to each output channel via a programmed interface.

We also analyse the data for the reverse route – e.g. from the online channel back to the PIM – and thus create interfaces for automated transmission quickly and easily. The data exchange via these APIs is visible through our middleware. The individual interfaces are controlled here and the respective processes are also shown transparently from the background.