The PIM for medium-sized companies

For more than four years, deltaPIM has been used as a flexible PIM system in combination with our individual middleware as a link between ERP systems and a wide variety of sales channels. To put it in a nutshell, the deltaPIM is the logical development on the way to a platform economy.

As a full-service agency, deltashops’ self-image as a PIM provider goes far beyond the pure product supply – from advice on data analysis and data optimization to the actual implementation of the PIM, we also guide you through the creation of the required sales channels such as web shops, configurators and individual online platforms. So we don’t just sell a product, we offer a holistic solution. The deltaPIM is flexibly structured – it is therefore suitable for all medium-sized companies from various industries and is therefore open for expansion.

The API interfaces are usually developed individually to import e.g. customer data or product data from the ERP system of our customers into the PIM or middleware. This can be done at fixed intervals or via a live interface on demand. The ERP product data can be enriched manually and optimized in the PIM. Information can also be imported from separate sources such as Excel sheets and, for example, videos or data sheets can be assigned to the products.

The middleware then takes care of the automatic data export into the sales and output channels. In general, the communication between the systems (ERP, PIM and middleware) is always possible in both directions. This means that data from the ERP system can be displayed in various shops/platforms and incoming orders can be send back into the ERP system via the middleware and the PIM automatically at the same time. However, the ERP always remains the leading system. This is how any optimizing of internal processes can be done digital!

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A good base for new challenges